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Manure Handling Equipment

Balzer's manure handling equipment line includes vacuum and top-fill tanks in sizes from 800 to 12,000 gallons, horizontal and vertical slurry pumps for agitating and filling, a variety of tank injectors, lagoon pumps, prop agitators and a complete line of direct injection (drag hose) equipment.  

Field Floater 5 Grain Carts

Balzer manufactures the Field Floater 5 large capacity grain carts.  The Field Floater 5 is available in three sizes:  1325, 1550 and 2000 bushels (36, 42 and 54 metric tons) capacity.  These grain carts feature the industry's most impressive benefits and capabilities.  All models of Balzer grain carts are now available with tracks!


Balzer offers a variety of Shredders available in sizes ranging from 4 to 30 feet (1.22 to 9.1 meters) wide with several mounting configurations.  Models are specifically engineered for corn, cotton, rice, residue management as well as orchard pruning's management practices.  


About Balzer Inc.

Balzer Inc. is the leading maker of livestock manure and municipal waste handling equipment, large capacity grain carts, and shredders.

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